Our tests and methods are tools for talent identification and development, which are professional in their content and design, and can be quickly and diversely applied by the user, from the assessment of abilities to the development of personality.


Aptitude tests

The ability test can be one of the most effective tools for predicting success at work. Tested on tens of thousands of samples,

our adaptive tests

and their world-leading technology enables us to assess the most important skills of candidates extremely quickly and reliably.

Our skill tests are ..
fast, accurate and comprehensive.

Learn more about the technology that powers our ability tests!

General intelligence

Of human abilities, it often is general intelligence best predicts success at work.


Our problem-solving test is a world-class successor of one of the world's most widespread intelligence test - the Raven Progressive Matrices.


Our vocabulary test - in addition to the ability related to verbality, text comprehension, and information handling, also - examines the candidate's general knowledge about the world, which can be of outstanding importance for certain positions!

Special abilities

In the case of well-defined job duties, it may be appropriate to examine the special skills required for their effective performance.


Our mechanical thinking test measures how well the test taker is able to understand the operation of mechanical machines.


This test examines how well the test-taker is able to imagine spatial shapes based on their planar projections.

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This test measures the ability to interpret data presented using tables and graphs. This ability is very important in any situation where you often have to make decisions based on figures.

vocabulary test

This test measures the size of the applicant's English vocabulary. The result of the test gives a good indication of how the applicant will fare in an English-speaking environment.



Knowing the competencies of employees is crucial in predicting any workplace success. This requires a standardized, yet widely applicable competence measurement method that can easily, quickly, and in an understandable way predict the workplace behavior of the examined persons in the case of various jobs and company cultures.

Spectrum competency questionnaire

Find out about the workplace competencies of your candidates Spectrum® using a questionnaire.
The online questionnaire examines 24 competencies within 8 comprehensive areas important in the world of work. The report prepared from the questionnaire describes the candidate's typical workplace behavior numerically or with the help of easy-to-understand statements arranged in points.

Computer-aided assessment center

The Assessment and Development Center (AC/DC) is the most modern and reliable objective method of selecting and assessing experts and managers. During the simulation exercises of an AC candidates are placed in situations similar to those that occur during work and the competencies revealed in these situations are observed. Although this set of tools provide the most information about the participants, organizing the process and ensuring its reliability and objectivity is not an easy task. The solution we use is an online application where the observers write their observations directly into the computer during the AC, while the tables and graphs of the reports generated by the system can be used and presented immediately after the AC, and the raw text descriptions of the evaluators are available. As a result AC reports can be produced more easily, quickly, reliably and objectively than traditionally.


Customized tools

There are situations that require a new, unique solution. We are ready for these situations.

Custom developed questionnaires
– competence, marketing, etc. purposes

Our team combines technological, psychometric and market expertise. With the help of these skills we can compile questionnaire materials that can be used to carry out tests completely tailored to your needs and goals. If you need to prepare, use or interpret unique, customized questionnaires, please feel free to contact us!